RunPDF API opens up a world of possibilities for using our service to convert your web pages and HTML to PDF.

Getting started with our API

RunPDF has a comprehensive suite of developer capabilities to help you create an WebPage/HTML to PDF Export client that meets your specific needs.

Our API includes everything you need to embed PDF conversion into your application.    More details


What does your service offer?

RunPDF offers the most complete package of options and the highest quality of PDF generation on the market.
Here’s a short list of things we support:

  • Full CSS2 and quite some CSS3, including page-breaks etc.;
  • All standard page layouts (A4, letter, B0 etc.);
  • Fitting conversion content to one long single page PDF;
  • Custom header and footer with page numbering, links etc.;
  • Enabling/disabling of Javascript, images, backgrounds etc.;
  • PDF password protection;
  • PDF document rights management such as print prevention, copy prevention etc.;
  • Watermarking with text or image;
  • Support for merging of multiple conversions;

What are the system requirements to use RunPDF?

There is no installation required. All you need is internet connection to access RunPDF export web service.

How do I subscribe?

Please, click here to select a service plan that fits with your requirements.

Is it safe?

We respect the privacy of our users. The uploaded content is not stored anywhere.

How do I use API?

Sign up, obtain your export key and use our API to embed RunPDF export service in your own application. Currently, we offer NVP, Java and C# API.

What is export credit?

Export credit is a unit we use to measure the size of exported documents, and calculate usage and statistics. The credit is equivalent to 500Kb. Thus, if a document size is 1.4Mb, 3 credits will be deducted from the account upon export. The credit allowance is renewed at the end of each monthly iteration.

What if my usage goes over the monthly plan quota?

Don't worry - we won't interrupt your service right away. Your plan quota will be extended to allow your current iteration to finish. We will send you an email to let you know.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please contact us and we'll get right back to you.